Martín X (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1974) remembers having begun painting at an early age. As a matter of fact, he recalls his first “job” as an artist at the age of 6, when he was given the task of coloring the blueprints of one of his city´s squares by an architect friend of the family. Already at that time he owned the ability to recognize the figuration and use of colors with a striking realism full of harmony and respect for the limits of the line.

Ever since, he continued his artistic formation in several art studios, focusing mostly on drawing and painting as an art expression, remembering he was always identified with an innate urge and a anti-academic sense, in contrast to a highly developed level of exigency that  approached him unconsciously to the realism.

Already at that stage, certain doubts begin to manifest. He plunged into dialectics, between the realism, the description of “the reality”, the mastering of different pictorial techniques, the academic, the rules, the comparisons, the demands and the expressionism, the creation of a singular reality, the development of his own technique, the self-taught, the breakdowns, the growth, the self-improvement. Only the figurative choice remains as a constant.

At the same time he continued on the journey of painting, he obtained a degree in Business Administration at the University of Buenos Aires, he worked in the world of finance and investments and then,  in the commercial area of multinational companies. He was a professor at the School of Economics of the University of Buenos Aires and taught several courses with relation to financial issues.

Nowadays, he just remembers those times, as an essential part of a process of personal transformation, an empirical demystification of certain values and social rules. His fruitless search for economic and professional recognition was set apart and gave place to a more important personal search towards change, which resulted in the decision of leaving everything… His “rational” side was replaced by the passionate one, by his own desire. Indeed, after many years tied to finances and business, he quit his last job determined to devote himself to be a full time painter.

Martín X emerges as a result of this process, transcending those contradictions, quickly developing his own identity, integrating the strict drawing figuration and proportion, with a relaxed pictorial style, full of striking and strident colors, and high contrasts, adding a particular interest about the gestural expression questioning more than it answers. Identity that seeks to provoke the spectator through his art work, and can hardly go unnoticed to the viewer’s eye.

With eclectic influences, he defines himself today as an artist committed to the challenge of expanding his own limits, both at artistic and personal levels. He is focused on living for and from painting in its widest sense, transcending those dualities day by day, as it has been reflected by the evolution from the child that recognizes the colors and limits of every figure with surprising sense of realism, to this artist immersed in the continuous search from that subtle gesture and range of colors  that defy conventionalisms.