About my Work

My work is the result of a long de-identification process, a process of emptying from limiting beliefs and established rules, as well as observation and meticulous analysis, trial and error, the journey by the way of frustration that has as destination the absolute confidence.

There is no more dilemma between the descriptive realism, the most academic pictorial rules, and the expressionism that let me play to find my own rules. The need to express my own identity joins to an inclusive view, that takes aparently incompatible concepts at the beginning.

The figurative, the beauty, the human figure, the hidden from the naked eye, the colorful, the firm and resolute stroke, the proportion, the light, the texture, the intentional messiness,  has always been unconsciously omnipresent, being influences and focal points of interest for my work.

My paintings condense structured and archetypal concepts -a figuration close to the realism about drawing and proportion, as well as the beauty canon that represent-, emphasizing “the gestural” through deliberate leading role provided to the attraction points of the face (eyes, nose and mouth). At the same time it integrates an expressionist composition, relaxed, with a strong emphasis in “the emotional” beyond the gesture, full of colors in dissonance with “the real”, almost without neutral colors, where the contrast, its tri-dimensionality and stridency are both protagonists by themselves.

With this particular mixture I have achieved to transcend the search of that balance that allows me to put in front of the viewer what is beyond a simple sight or face expression, beyond what he sees, that invite him to explore the underlying emotions, more subtles sensations that these figuration may convey, the questions without answers that give raise to these feelings. But at the same time diverting viewer attention with an aesthetic setting of proportion and beauty iconically established, and a high-impact first eye contact, powerful and destructuring, full of color and spaciality.